The company KRATER is a top national contractor that designs and maintains mechanical systems for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets with unique capabilities for managing complex projects. We are constantly innovating and improving our business processes to maximize value for our customers and improve the performance of our company. We achieve this through top security, empowering our people, effective teamwork, developing our partners and a dedicated customer focus.

In the company KRATER we provide thermomechanical construction services for commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Our clients come to us for our knowledge, innovative solutions and quality design and construction. Krater delivers a HVAC construction project in a variety of ways, depending on what best meets the needs and schedule of our clients. Regardless of the delivery method, you can be sure that the project will be built according to our high-quality standards. Our team is skilled in:


The company Krater offers one of the largest engineering groups for design-construction among machine contractors in North Macedonia. These services provide a single point of responsibility and foster a true team atmosphere. With simplified lines of communication, the result is accelerated project implementation with value-driven cost savings and improved quality.


We know that you need a cost-effective and efficient delivery method for renovations, renovations and alterations to your building. Our prompt response provides that solution. We assign one-source project management to professionally oversee the entire construction process from assessment and design to completion. This makes Krater Company your construction management company.


Krater’s sheet metal production facilities provide the efficiency and quality we need to ensure that all our projects are successful. Our factory stores use innovative design and lean manufacturing processes to produce and deliver some of today's most complex projects. With advance expert planning and trade cooperation, our process improves construction efficiency to increase the overall success of the project. Quality construction for half the time to significantly reduce the interruption of the location and traffic of vehicles and improve the overall safety and security. We maintain the highest level of quality workmanship during each project by providing: Cost savings, Detailed layout, Inventory of materials, Quality Control and Utilization of High-tech equipment.


During pre-construction, we take a team approach to conceptual assessment/design, planning and layout, project development, value engineering, and alternative method evaluations. This helps our clients navigate any constructive issues they may have while verifying the overall budget and project needs. We would like to get to know your business and implement our many years of experience in your next project. For the most effective mechanical contract solutions for your business.

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